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About Us

“Design is something that is born inside of you, it fixes itself to paper and becomes a mental projection at the same time”. Behind every design lies DOM HOME Philosophy creator Domenico Mula’s creative dynamism, expressed through purity of forms, attention to detail, and innovation. A philosophy which, to quote Baudelaire, can be summarized in luxury, calm, and voluptuosness.

Dom Edizioni is a project that was born with the purpose of sharing the major Italian heritage: the good taste. Everyday we work in order to realise the desires of whom intends to make his own spaces representative, unique and inimitable. DOM Edizioni’s collection borns from combinations that are characterised by a great equilibrium and character. This allows us to offer a design proposal which is sought after and never banal, both for residential and Hospitality.
The creative process, which is meticulously followed by our Art Director Domenico Mula, takes form through the ability and the knowledge of the best Italian artisans who are able to make every element of our design proposal unique and immediately recognisable.

DOM Edizioni operates in the yacht, home and luxury hotel furniture sector, offering collections that are 100% made in Italy and products of its artisans’ know-how. The artistic director’s creativity, joined with a scrupulous investigation of the object, begins from the historical bases of global design through archive research engulfing all creative processes, have projected the Italian interior design company into the international market.

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