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If furniture had a soul, design would be its breathing air. By observing this axiom, Domenico Mula “sees” through designing. The designer and entrepreneur Domenico Mula still prefers his Faber Castell’s old graphite sharpened by hand to any contemporary computer software.The 2018 stylistic proposal has for DOM Edizioni a strong call to the 70’s.
Even though the bond with Art Deco has been kept alive, the collection enriches with typical forms and elements of the vintage. An evolutionary path that allows to present a fresh and dynamic collection which is highly contemporary. The design of chairs, armchairs and sofas has been focused on two key elements: soft lines and functionality. The Georgette Small Armchairs like the Romeo Sofa are defined by a sinuous structure which is able to guarantee a high level of comfort. Just an example to demonstrate that form and function can and must coexist.

We also include the marbles, the metals, the lacquered and the timeless Makassar Ebony for tables, cabinets and consoles proposals.

Axel Cabinet

Bernadette Bench

Bernadette Dinner Chair

Bernadette Small Armchair

Bernadette Small Sofa

Berthold Small Table

Celine Writing Desk

Fabrice Bar Table

Fabrice Dinner Table

Fabrice Small Tables

Filippo Dinner Table

Georgette Small Armchair

Jerome Dinner Table

Jerome Small Table

Jerry Sofa

Kelly Consolle

Oliver Small Table

Paulette Consolle

Pierre Dinner Table

Renee Sofa

Romeo Sofa

Snake Sofa

Sphera Cabinet

Tanguy Cabinet

Thierry Cabinet

Tristan Cabinet

Yves Cabinet

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